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Vehicle Safety & Security

Vodafone Stolen Vehicle Recovery

We offer safety and security solutions.
Ready to meet your needs.
Connect with your vehicle and get support when you need it most.
Our Secure Operations Centres quickly handle any situation.
Available 24/7.

Why Vodafone Automotive

End-to-end products & services

An international presence

We’re a trusted brand

Thatcham accredited & recognised by insurers

Digital innovation

An effective recovery process, in partnership with the police

In case vehicle is stolen, contact our team

Our procedures then triggers the retrieval process

The vehicle is located

The vehicle is then recovered and secured by the police

How our Stolen Vehicle Tracking works

Our stolen vehicle recovery services are made possible by constant communication between our GPS/GSM tracking system (which is fitted covertly to a vehicle) and Vodafone Automotive's server infrastructure:​

  • Our live tracking data (made possible by a SIM card) means that we’re able to pinpoint a vehicle's position and movement, including speed and direction of travel​.

  • The combination of our GPS and quad band GPRS/GSM technologies enables the constant transmission of the position data – across over 360 local GSM networks​.

  • The SIM card sits in a lightweight, robust black box, which has heavy-duty casing and is a low battery drain device, with internal battery back-up​.

  • Our stolen vehicle tracking systems are designed, manufactured and tested by a team of engineers in Vodafone Automotive's state-of-the-art production facility at our Headquarters near to Milan - they are rigorously tested to meet all OE automotive standards​.

We are Thatcham accredited

With our Thatcham accreditation, you can rest easy

Our products are accredited by Thatcham Research, who work with vehicle and security equipment manufacturers, including ourselves, as well as the police and insurance industry. Thatcham security testing is considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world and acts as a benchmark for crime prevention measures internationally.​

So you can be reassured that the functionality, design and performance of our Stolen Vehicle Tracking systems, can be trusted to work when you need them to, to protect your pride and joy.​

Thatcham standards are also recognised by major insurers, which means that your insurance company may offer you a premium discount on your motor insurance policy.​

To find out more about Thatcham Research, please click here.

Working with independent dealers across the UK

Vodafone Automotive offers a wide range of safety and security products, for independent dealers and their aftermarket customers in the UK – these include stolen vehicle tracking and ‘electronic systems’ or ‘non-connected’ products:​

  • Researched, designed, manufactured and tested by Vodafone Automotive’s in-house technical team it’s European production Centre of Excellence in Italy​

  • A range of innovative security solutions developed with driver recognition and intrusion sensing technologies​

  • Fully-scalable ultrasonic-based parking aid systems, designed to improve driver safety and comfort, by monitoring the automotive environment and alerting the driver before an incident happens​

  • Digital innovation – security solutions with mobile and web applications, to keep your customer connected from their laptop, home PC or the palm of their hand​

My Connected Car app

Installing a Vodafone Protect & Connect tracking system automatically gives you access to our connected car services through Vodafone Automotive's own mobile app.​ With My Connected Car, you can access and manage a number of your vehicle security and safety functions remotely. My Connected Car provides easy access to vehicle information such as real-time vehicle location, directions to the vehicle and geofence ability. 


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