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Vodafone Automotive UK

Delivering world-class safety and security products and services for the automotive, fleet and insurance industries

The world leader in automotive IoT in the UK

Vodafone Automotive UK is a leading provider of automotive products and services - including in-Car telematics, usage-based insurance and fleet solutions. It also provides end customers with products and services indirectly through an ‘Aftermarket’ community. This includes selling, stolen vehicle tracking through OE Dealership Networks such as VW Group Audi. Plus, stolen vehicle tracking and automotive ‘electronic systems’ or ‘non-connected’ products, such as alarms and parking aids through independent SME dealerships.​

Discover Vodafone Automotive

Here at Vodafone Automotive, we’re designing and delivering products and services for stolen vehicle recovery, road safety, such as crash assistance and private eCall, innovative digital insurance services, driving behaviours and eco-driving scoring, as well as vehicle monitoring for usage optimisation, remote maintenance and business operations transformation.

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Vodafone Automotive UK products & services

Vehicle safety & security

Vodafone Automotive UK offers a full range of world-leading tracking devices to protect you and your vehicle. We provide geolocation, tracking and recovery services for stolen vehicles in the UK and worldwide, via our integrated network of remote monitoring platforms and in partnership with local police. Parking aids and alarms are also available. UK dealerships can offer these products and services to their end customers – giving an excellent automotive safety and security experience.

Management of fleet

Vodafone Automotive UK offers world-leading, innovative fleet management solutions. We'll help you to monitor, manage and optimise your fleet vehicles, reduce your business costs and fuel emissions, while maximising driver safety. Covering a wide range of industries, our Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics offering can adapt to your needs, however big or small your fleet may be.

Insurance companies

Digitisation is changing the world of insurance. So, in partnership with insurers, Vodafone Automotive designs connected solutions, which can help insurers get closer to their customers - all through personalised driver profiling. This telematics insurance insight, makes it possible to offer customers value-added products and services - including optimising driver safety and assistance in the event of an accident, plus vehicle protection and claims management.

Hardware Portfolio

Vodafone Automotive Made in Italy! Our company develops and offers solutions for the safety of people and vehicles. From telematics devices to anti-theft alarms, from sensors to parking aid systems, we provide solutions for the aftermarket and for OEMs, including manufacturers of electric vehicles. Our centre of excellence for manufacturing is located in Varese (Italy) where we have introduced Industry 4.0 technology to achieve high efficiency, reliability, high quality test results.


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