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Case Studies

Optimising Autosped G Group's fleet operations through telematics

Smart logistics: Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics helps Autosped G Group exploit fleet data to reduce fuel costs, improve maintenance planning and promote safe driving.

Helping United Utilities supply water with an electric fleet

Driving Sustainability: Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics has helped United Utilities switch to an electric fleet, introduce predictive maintenance and promote safe driving.

Helping smart Europe GmbH protect their data and vehicles

Securing connected mobility: Vodafone Business Cloud Connect combined with mobile, IoT and anti-theft solutions helps smart Europe GmbH secure critical data and prevent vehicle theft.

Helping Progetti del Cuore promote equal mobility with telematics

Purpose-led fleet: Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics helps Progetti del Cuore opimise their fleet operations to support the mobility of vulnerable social groups.

How Vodafone Automotive is making car theft a thing of the past

When thinking about the automotive industry, one of the biggest threats to customers today is around safety & security, especially when it comes to vehicle theft. This is why Vodafone Automotive have joined forces with Mercedes-Benz Group AG to address this challenge and protect their customer both today and in the future.

Supporting the fleet of the Government of Catalonia

Staying safe, going green: Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics has helped Catalonia's Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda optimise their fleet to go greener, reduce costs and keep their employees safe.

Helping Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd support care services

Fleet on the road 24/7: We made fleet operations safer, more responsive and sustainable for Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd through Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics and telematics data.

Enhancing the customer experience

HDI Assicurazioni chooses Vodafone Automotive to deliver improved service and customised tariffs to customers.

Helping EVUM Motors transform vehicle data into valuable insights

IoT-driven EV fleet: Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics has helped EVUM Motors kick off its digital transformation to make its green and robust electric vehicle accessible to everyone.

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