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Boost your operations with our fleet management solution

Maximise safety and fleet performance to always stay in control

Connected intelligence, safe vehicles

With Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, you will be able to gather real-time operational data and get actionable insights into your fleet performance, so you can always stay in control. Maximise vehicle performance, increase employee safety and manage your routes with our connected intelligence.

Your digitised fleet


Food and beverage

Leasing and car rental

Courier and delivery

Sales and field services

Please contact us for further technical details for your fleet, we are happy to help.

Fleet solutions adapted to your business

Truck solution

What's in it for you?

Operational efficiency and cost reduction

Enhanced customer service

Safety and security for drivers

Asset value maintenance

What our customers say

Future-proof your smart fleet with telematics

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Electric vehicles​

Discover how easy it is to track and manage your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles with Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics

Vehicle manufacturers

Four-wheel and two-wheel manufacturers can take advantage of our connectivity journey and offer high value services to their end user customers.

Our international presence

Choosing Vodafone Automotive means you benefit from our global reach and expertise

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