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We can help you reinvent the way you do insurance

Your business. Even better. With our Insights.

You want to know how you can get closer to your insurance customers and stand out from your competitors – making your business a successful one. We can help. The data from our telematics products and services will help you to create new business, customer loyalty and business efficiency. Our solutions can help you to…

  • stay on with changing customer needs in the digital age

  • reduce your risk - speed up claims and risk assessments with accuracy

  • introduce mechanisms to reward and promote responsible driving behaviour

  • create attractive value propositions and incentives to drive adoption

  • manage big data, safely and securely

The thinking behind what we do

Digital Mobility Insurance gives your business

Improved risk management

Improved risk management

Increased business efficiency

Improved risk management

Strengthened customer loyalty and engagement

News sales channels, value added services

New sales channels, value added services

Safer driving, safer roads with our Vodafone Driving Academy App

When driving behaviour improves, so does overall road safety. It saves lives. 95% of all road accidents are down to human error.* This includes easily avoidable mistakes such as speeding, taking corners too quickly, sudden braking and driver distraction. Vodafone Driving Academy App is the ultimate smartphone telematics solution for encouraging and rewarding responsible driving, while reducing the risk of accidents. The app uses existing sensors in smartphones to monitor how fast a user drives or turns corners, how harshly they accelerate and brake, and it also detects when their smartphone is being used.

*Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 2017

The Vodafone Driving Academy benefits everyone

Corporate companies



“We share not only Vodafone’s philosophy but also its mission: for us too, customer focus is the element that helps us stand out from the competition.”

Find out how we helped our clients transform their business with Digital Mobility Insurance

Your customer’s safe driving rewarded

Your customer experience excellence

Your peace of mind

Your employees' safe driving

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