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Vodafone Automotive

Delivering world-class safety and security products and services for the Automotive, Fleet and Insurance industries

Innovating to make mobility safe, secure and accessible

The automotive world is witnessing a period of unprecedented change. Evolving technology, ownership models, urbanisation, data privacy and more, are combining to transform how we think about mobility and transportation. In addition, health & safety, along with environmental concerns, are now at the front of mind for many in industry.

Our aim is to help our customers simplify the adoption of digital technologies through a wide range of end-to-end solutions which meet the needs of the Automotive, Fleet and Insurance industries.

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Here at Vodafone Automotive, we’re designing and delivering products and services for stolen vehicle recovery, road safety, such as crash assistance and private eCall, innovative digital insurance services, driving behaviours and eco-driving scoring, as well as vehicle monitoring for usage optimisation, remote maintenance and business operations transformation.

Stolen vehicle service sales & support
Stolen vehicle service support

Please note that our devices use 2G/3G/4G networks: in consideration of the network shutdown process ongoing worldwide, we recommend that you check the specific network availability for each country.

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Benefit from deep-rooted, integrated automotive expertise

Enjoy customised solutions catering to your strategy and customers’ needs

Be supported wherever you are in the world

Your data is in safe hands

Take advantage of the latest IoT technology

Rely on the strength, reach and purpose of a global Group

Helping to shape the mobility of tomorrow

Vodafone is at the forefront of automotive innovations. We investigate future road scenarios and actively test vehicle-to-vehicle / vehicle-to-everything technologies and services. We introduce technologies to change and improve life and business today, for a better tomorrow.

The mobility ecosystem

In the future, new business models will be based around developments like driving assistance services, which will be delivered through applications and software stacks. Our key role is to develop mobility services by using the most advanced communication technologies and to be integrated in the connected car ecosystem of OEMs and in the provider infrastructure. We work closely with regulatory bodies and software developer communities to contribute to the mobility evolution.

From the Racetrack to the Road: Defining the future of connected cars

Simona De Silvestro is used to breaking barriers as one of the first Formula-E test drivers for Porsche. In this film she visits Weissach, the huge research and development center in Germany, and discovers how the connected cars she races today will make tomorrow’s roads safer in the future.

“We share not only Vodafone’s philosophy but also its mission: for us too, customer focus is the element that helps us stand out from the competition.”

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Design and manufacturing capabilities

Our Vodafone Automotive manufacturing centre of excellence is based in Varese (Italy). This is the heartbeat of our organization.The design, development, testing and manufacturing of our telematics devices and electronic systems takes place here, all under one roof.

At our state-of-the-art facility, we’ve embedded Industry 4.0 technology, so our team can work in a flexible production environment every day.

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