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Your fleet going green

Our future-proof fleet solution

Find out where it makes sense to consider electric vehicles in your fleet

More and more companies are considering a sustainable alternative for their fleet by introducing electric vehicles. Through our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) tool you can create your own project, watch the video to find out more

The future is electric

Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) helps you transition to an electric fleet

Go green and get all the data you need to analyse your current vehicle state

Understand which vehicles in your fleet can be replaced by EV's

See if going electric will actually save you money, and if so, how much

Know whether Evs will meet the needs of your drivers

Understand how much your fleet can reduce C0₂ emmissions and fuel consumption

How can an Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment help you?

EVSA delivers all the data analysis you need for a smooth transition of your fleet to electric, taking in consideration the budget and timeframe needs of your business.

Best fit analysis

Range assurance

Cost analysis

Cost analysis

What’s in it for you?

Thanks to the "My Vodafone Fleet" application you can manage your electric fleet more easily with reporting capabilities.

Fuel and EV energy usage report

EV charging report

Map functionality

Customised rules and notifications


Vodafone Business is committed to connecting 150 million vehicles, while at the same time, halving its environmental impact, by 2025. We also want to support our customers to save 350 million tonnes of carbon emissions by 2030. Over time, IoT technologies will transform every sector, most public services and many aspects of consumers’ daily lives. As one of our priorities in automotive, we want to contribute to a greener mobility by helping small and large businesses alike reduce their fuel consumption and carbon footprint. By offering access to telematics technologies and data insights that will help you optimise route management, vehicle maintenance and driving behaviour, we believe we can help you achieve your cost optimisation, sustainability and safety objectives.

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Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics – Electric vehicles

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